Pure Marimba Gold for Reason

One of the most enchanting, expressive, and diverse acoustic instruments on the planet — The marimba's sonic range is massive, and its musical range includes everything from traditional and modern classical, to jazz, to pop, to world and ethnic music, new age, ambient, film scoring, advertising, and even the world's most popular ringtone. A timeless classic and an essential for modern discerning producers.

This particular instrument is a full size 5 octave grand concert model with rosewood bars, and the sampling techniques used to capture it make it unlike any other virtual marimba available — a truly one-of-a-kind addition to your Reason rack!

Explore the entire 5 octave range (plus a high C7), all painstakingly sampled at multiple dynamic levels with 3 different mallets, as well as a complete chromatic sampling (also multi-velocity) of two essential marimba articulations; the roll and the "dead stroke".

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