Spawned from a series of field recording sessions in a handful of big, old and very

creepy locations, Nightshift is a truly one-of-a-kind sound
library designed to do one
thing - set a seriously eerie and intense tone for your
music, video and game score
Weighing in at 1.2 Gigabytes, Nightshift contains 250 o
riginal soundscapes, loops,
sound effects and more for you to explore and exploit.
Haunting outdoor scenes,
steam-powered atmospheres, howling metallic drones and f
ound sound machinery
rhythms are just some of what you'll find inside.
From multiple positions to preserve the natural reverb
and ambience, we captured the
sounds of an abandoned steel mill, a very old (but very op
erational) machine shop
powered by antique contraptions, steam tunnels, huge fu
rnaces, creaking chain lifts and
more. The material was then processed in varying degrees
to generate this focused, yet
diverse palette of super inspirational sounds. The result
ing 24 bit files range from quick,
dramatic gestures and buildups, to deep evolving soundscap
es that twist, turn and
morph through environments, frequencies and textures -
some nearly three minutes

- 251 24bit AIFF/Apple Loop files for use in any compa
tible DAW.
- Complete sound chart with descriptions and stats in PDF
and XLS formats for easy
import into your existing database.

1 ZIP and 1 PDF
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