Krush is a beefy set of gritty drums for Reason with over 100 original samples and 140 Kong .drum presets, Krush is a beatmaking toolkit overflowing with authentic oldschool vinyl sampling character.

Original tube-processed samples were captured to analog tape, and then meticulously combined with isolated vinyl artifacts for that dead-real vintage sampling feel, direct to the trusty MPC. 90's hardware timestretching, resampling and other "ancient secrets" provide the final digital finishing touches.

Krush comes loaded with drum presets conveniently organized for fast access and auditioning directly from Kong. Mix, match and tweak your way through this library to craft endless kits of your own. Thick kicks, crusty snares, gritty hats and percussion, and a slew of stabs, fx and musical elements for your beat-based productions.

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